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All prospective Job seeker should note that Your CV should provide an easy to follow breakdown of your career, skills, experience and qualities to help prospective employer’s asses your suitability for a job.
A Chronological CV is the most widely used format in which you set out your career history working back from the present day through to your first post.
The CV should not be an exhaustive list of everything you have ever done, it must have impact and for that it should be concise. Your CV should reflect the facts of your employment but it must sell your positive points and show what you have done/ achieved in the job.
Your CV should start with your contact details i.e. name, address, telephone numbers and E-Mail address if you have one. The profile is important and can be re-written and tailored for each specific application if you wish. Key skills should be bullet pointed with a maximum of 8-9 and can also be directly related to the requirements expressed in the Job Specification / Advertisement.